From NanoBiz to CleanBiz

Touching down between Saarbrucken and Bucharest I’m not sure whether imitation is the sincerest form of flattery or the number of people leaping off the nanotech bandwagon and onto the climate change one will result in a tsunami. The US Nanobusiness alliance is the latest to go dark green, abandoning the molecular future and the usual hype for a “Cleantech Investing Forum.” (Disclaimer – we have been working on the intersection of nanotech with energy, water and development issues for the past four years).

What is rather amusing is that the same bunch of people who jumped on nanotech and ran around shouting very loudly are increasingly popping up as Clean Tech experts. Unfortunately Clean Tech has been around for quire a while, and already has its conferences, stock indices and specialised investors, so it may be a little late. The sudden arrival on the scene of a whole bunch of non experts whooping hyping and hollering will be about as welcome as a 747 full of Hummers.

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