A Trillion Dollar Market? When?

The nanomaterials boom is over and future growth opportunities in the nanotechnology sector will lie in pharmaceutical and healthcare applications of nanotechnologies, according to a new report from Cientifica.

Anyone who has seen any of our recent presentations will already have seen some of these results, and will know that behind the headline numbers we have detailed breakdowns of market sizes and evolution at the application level, as well as R&D manpower requirements.

The free white paper entitled “Half Way to the Trillion-Dollar Market? A Critical Review of the Diffusion of Nanotechnologies” uses a new economic model based on primary research that quantifies the impact and diffusion of nanotechnologies over time, allowing more accurate quantification of market impacts than was previously possible.

Through a detailed analysis of both public and private spending, the report concludes that the number of producers of nanomaterials has decreased as consolidation has increased and multi-national chemical companies now dominate the market. Today, most of the nanomaterials heralded just a few years back as new high-value materials are quickly taking on a bulk commodity stature.

While this commoditization and consolidation means that little money remains to be made by producing nanomaterials, the ability of these nanomaterials to enable higher- value products will lead to a US$1.5 trillion market by 2015, according to the report.

The report also concludes that:

  • The market for products enabled by nanotechnologies will reach US$ 263 billion by 2012 and US$ 1.5 trillion by 2015
  • After ten years of research and development, the highly developed supply chain and stability of commercially available nanomaterials is finally enabling higher value added applications
  • The chemical industry will continue to dominate the market until 2012 when bio-related applications will become a larger market
  • Highest growth rates will be in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, accounting 80% of the 2015 US$ 1.5 trillion market

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