Korea’s Nanotech Feats Outshine High-Profile Biotech – With Only Half The Funding

A bit of trumpet blowing goes on in Korea’s Chosun with the announcement that Korea is even more significant on the world stage in terms of nanotech than biotech, despite the recent work on stem cells.

Korea has published a total of 3,542 nanotechnology papers since 1997, accounting for 4.5 percent of the world’s entire output in the field and ranking sixth. The country ranked seventh in terms of nanotech patents registered in the U.S since 1991.

We are always wary of nanotech statistics, in such a broad field does this indicate global leadership in, for example, drug delivery using nanotechnologies, or does it just indicate a huge but unfocussed effort leading to lots of noise but little substance?

As always, the story behind the numbers is the really interesting one.

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