Market Opportunities In Nanotechnology Drug Delivery

Some forecasts have predicted the nanotechnology market to reach close to a trillion dollars by 2015, presenting investors with unique opportunities. However, the market for applications of nanotechnology is complex, multidisciplinary and highly segmented – to put it mildly!

The healthcare market is poised to see some of the earliest benefits of nanotechnology. While early ideas about the impact on nanotechnology on healthcare focussed on fanciful ideas involving small submarines and cancer zapping robots, much of the current advances have been enabled by advances in imaging, control over materials and an increased understanding of how biology works at the nanoscale.

Over the next decade, healthcare will be one of nanotech’s highest growth sectors with drug delivery in the vanguard, but to date specific and rational information about markets has been lacking. We’ve been working over the past year to understand what the impact of nanotechnologies will be on healthcare, and also to understand where that impact will be felt. At the same time we have had to temper the “cure for cancer” hyperbole that accompanies every new breakthrough with the reality of the long and expensive slog to get new drugs and delivery systems through the regulatory process.

The white paper “Market Opportunities In Nanotechnology Drug Delivery” highlights some of our recent findings.

We forecast the total market size in 2021 to be US$ 136Bn,with a 60/40 split in favour of drug nanocrystals although developing new delivery mechanisms may allow more value to be created for companies and entrepreneurs. The combination of social need coupled with willingness to pay will also see the introduction of highly targeted therapies in some areas being much quicker than in others. To some extent the findings mirror the global economy and demographics, but some of the areas of highest produced growth are surprising.

You can download “Market Opportunities In Nanotechnology Drug Delivery” from the link, or for more detailed a comprehensive information, Nanotechnology for Drug Delivery 2021, gives a comprehensive analysis and geographic breakdown of the current nanotechnology drug delivery market and its key technologies.




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