Nanomaterials Company Admits Massive Exposure of Workers To Potentially Toxic Substances

Following on from the less than inspiring piece on safety fears of nano toilet cleaners the Washington Post also runs a similarly vacuous piece on health and safety at work.

It is interesting to see that Altairs PR strategy has switched from putting our a press release every time the CEO scratches his, erm, nose, to highlighting the dangers of its own products and calling in the regulators, at least it is creative if not more effective.

Rather than demolish the rather flimsy premise on which the piece was based, we will leave it to the National Association of Manufacturers who are far more au fait with the relevant legislation than the Washington Post.

While the headline above this article is somewhat tongue in cheek, the reprint of the Washington Post piece in Kentucky;s Lexington Herald Leader screams “Nanotech workers are lab rats in experiment with no controls” while the North Korea Times is comparatively restrained.

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