The recent brouhahah over ads on Facebook when Vodafone, Virgin Media and First Direct pulled online ads that they found were being placed next to information about the far right British National Party is mirrored on the nanoscale with the number of ads for wacky food supplements and get rich quick newsletters that Google’s algorithms think are appropriate to various nanotechnology information sites.

Typical of the problem is a chance encounter I had with a weight loss system called Nanotrim which pops up on the Institute of Physics web site…

“Nanotrim™ is comprised of the most powerful, nano-engineered medicinal botanicals available and contains no chemically generated compounds or fillers.”

I have come across a number of these products before, and while  the various concoctions of herbs have little proven effectiveness, grinding them up to “nano size”, presumably to increase their bioavailability just seems  plain silly. Still, as you can no doubt tell from the marketing material showing rather obviously large people claiming to have lost huge amounts of weight (or perhaps they subsequently regained most of it), there is one born every minute.

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