Nanotech Piles On The Pounds

While we attempt to educate kids through gaming, Albany’s College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering has helped develop information on nanotechnology for the cover of Price Chopper’s Koo-Kies and Peanut Butter Cocoa Spheres.

While anything that gets kids excited about science and technology is always good, from the sound of these nanotechnology promoting products it may be that illiteracy and obesity may be more urgent priorities to tackle.

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  1. RedSevenOne

    It might be argued that while Little John and Mary are munching on the ‘Kookies’ they will learn vicariously about Nanotechnology. And is a recent post on this very site there is reference to 6% of the US population being informed on the subject.
    Over at Public Agenda, there is research found here Important, But Not for Me: the discussions are becoming interesting, and with my well documented opposition to standardized testing and an article Diane Ravitch appearing on line with New York State Test Scores: Who to Believe?, the discussions are beginning to get lively.
    The reality is however, whatever thinking went into the concept of the ‘Kookies’ solution, it is a specious attempt at addressing the major problem endemic within the overall population, that is, I suggest, engagement. We ave been successful at Camp One re-engaging minds and it is my hope that we can spread the excitement engendered therein to the inner reaches of the Highway of Light. This evolving field is exciting and it is incumbent on those who know this to spread the word. Then, of course talking to Tim, I am talking to a knowing person.

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