Dare to Lead Clipper Round the World 2019-20

Never Stop Learning – Dare to Lead

Watching the progress of Dare to Lead and the other boats on the race viewer can be a bit puzzling for non ocean sailors, but fortunately help is at hand.

The Dare to Lead supporters group on facebook has over a thousand members including a few who are very knowledgeable about ocean racing. There are a lot of fascinating discussions about what is probably happening and why.

For a first hand account, Skipper Guy Waites and AQP Hughes Stelios provide a daily report which is updated around 11am UTC every day. Expect typical seafarers tales of whales and flying fish (no giant squid yet) along with hair raising stories about untangling spinnakers wrapped around the mast and sailing through tropical storms. The other skippers also provide a daily report which together give a picture of what it is like to manage a crew of amateurs across the high seas.

More insights into daily life come from the crew blogs which can leave you laughing or queasy depending on the subject matter.

Finally the Clipper News page gives daily updates culled from skipper reports, as well as explanations of mysteries such as the Doldrums Corridor and a glossary of technical terms.

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