Organic Photovoltaics Almost on the Market, Again?

It’s been long known, although not in the clean tech community, that there are several major problems to be overcome before organic photovoltaics can get to market. One of the most pressing issues has been lifetime – it doesn’t matter how cheaply you can produce things if the major cost ends up being a tea crazed workman clambering up a ladder to rip out the dead solar calls and replace them with working ones every few years. 

The German government has just announced a new project aiming to address the lifetime issue.

The project, called “OPV stability” targets to significantly increase the lifespan of organic solar cells (OSC) with the goal of yielding competitive organic photovoltaics (OPV) for potential commercial use. 

Konarka felt it significant enough to pop out a press release that they are involved in the three year project, which is odd as they have been 18 months from market since 2002 or so. Perhaps they will now be 54 months away from market?

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