Productive Nanosystems – Unproductive Discussions?

The recent conference on Productive Nanosystems: Launching the Technology Roadmapseems to have been crashed by some pesky scientists.

The Centre for Responsible Nanotechnology has been ‘liveblogging’ the event and seem a little peeved about the science getting in the way of all of the interesting stuff. Favourites include:

“Ooh, I wish I had time to answer these point-by-point! This is basically a direct attack on diamondoid, and each point has an answer.” – in response to a talk suggesting that nanotechnology was invented by Nature not Eric Drexler

“I apologize to the business people who are interested in this stuff, but I guess I’m just not. …. Oookay, now he’s talking about hard disks and value chains… this may be a pretty short post.” – Nanotechnology in Singapore

Making the event worthwhile for all and certainly to those of us watching from the sidelines was the bombshell revelation that “The [??] group at MIT has an architecture that’s as good as humans at recognizing dogs.”

Fascinating, for all the wrong reasons.

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