Social Networking and Nanotech

I’m in Puerto Vallarta this week for COMS 2008 organised by our friends at MANCEF and dealing with the fourteen hour time difference between the Pacific coast of Mexico and Shanghai where I spent the last few weeks.

One of the more interesting topics discussed his morning was how to create an online community that is actually of some use – rather than the usual nanotech forums which always seem to degenerate into a pitched battle between vitriolic anti nanotechies and equally entrenched star trekkies, while the science gets squeezed out. 

It’s quite entertaining to see applications like Twitter and Facebook coexisting with an international conference and it may be the case that the technology is finally up to the task of creating something rather dynamic than a web page.

Kristin Alford of Nanovic (among others) is blogging it here and here and even here. My keynote may pop up some time tomorrow if I say anything interesting!

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