Nano Better than Petrol

A Rice University study compares “the environmental and health risks associated with the production of five nanomaterials — single-walled carbon nanotubes, buckyballs, zinc selenide quantum dots, alumoxane nanoparticles and titantium dioxide nanoparticles — with the risks of making six commonplace products — silicon wafers, wine, high-density plastic, lead-acid car batteries, refined petroleum and aspirin.” It’s an interesting mix of products, …


Keeping the Workplace Odour Free

Samsung India announced the launch this month of its health-friendly `MagicGreen’ monitor, which emits far-infrared rays and anion rich radiation that improves the user’s metabolism and makes the working environment bacteria-free. It does make us wonder whether there is a better way to “remove odours from the environment, making the air fresh and clean” than buying a new LCD monitor.

Real World Applications of Nanotechnologies

Our current swing through Asia has thrown up a few interesting nanoproducts for anyone tired of nanopants to cite. Here are a few of our favourites. Shantou Tongsheng Co., Ltd produces nanotech toothbrushes claiming they are: Capable of cleaning the inner side of teeth more effectively, it is toothbrushes upgradeable from the traditional. Usage the Nano technology, prevent the toothbrush …