The Exploding Nano Inevitable

NanoArtThe nano sobriquet seems applicable to anything these days, and is even getting into the art world as we recently noted. In fact anyone who has spent much time playing with modern digital SEMs or AFMs will have been struck by the beauty of some of the images produced, and intrigued as to what these could become in the hands of a skilled Photoshop artist.

All is revealed in recent piece on Nanotech Now by Chris Orfescu reporting on a recent exhibition of ‘NanoArt’ in Finland.

It’s worth taking a look around the accompanying links. A number of the artworks starting off as chemical reactions (as do all pigments, but here viewed at the micro and nano scale) or as SEM and AFM images. The results range from the strange to the beautiful, and it makes a refreshing change from little robots, which is what usually results when you ask nanotechnology and art to the same party.

AZNano also takes a literary slant with a very brief roundup of nanopunk fiction, even explaining how it is distinguished from biopunk and steampunk, but fails to get involved in the bionanopunk versus mechanosynhthesispunk debate.

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