The Market for Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery in 2010. And The Winners Are…

Cientifica Ltd published Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery 2011  on 2 November 2011. Here’s a few of the key findings.




Of All Key Technologies Studied…

An analysis of the Total Addressable Market (TAM) in 2010, for nanotechnology in drug delivery (NDD), all key technologies studied shows the following values in 2010 (by descending order):

  1. Drug Nanocrystals (596 US$ Million Dollars), (45%);
  2. Total Nanocarriers (434 US$ Million Dollars), (32%);
  3. Targeted Delivery (178 US$ Million Dollars), (13%);
  4. Solubility + Bioavailability (139 US$ Million Dollars), (10%).


Nanocarriers as a Whole…

An analysis of the TAM in 2010, for NDD, nanocarriers as a whole shows the top 5 nanocarriers TAM values in 2010 as follows (by descending order):

  1. Liposomes (118 US$ Million Dollars), (28%);
  2. Dendrimers (84 US$ Million Dollars), (19%);
  3. Micelles (63 US$ Million Dollars), (15%);
  4. Gold Nanocarriers (56 US$ Million Dollars), (13%);
  5. CNTs (56 US$ Million Dollars), (13%).


Nanocarriers Versus Drug Nanocrystals…

Regarding total nanocarriers versus drug nanocrystals, drug nanocrystals show a higher TAM value in 2010, when compared with total nanocarriers:

  • Drug Nanocrystals (596 US$ Million Dollars), (58%);
  • Total Nanocarriers (434 US$ Million Dollars), (42%).


So, how advanced is NDD now? Which trends are being designed to 2021? Where will be opportunities for investment? Reading Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery 2011 will answer to these questions and many more and explain why?

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