UK Parliament Science and Technology Committee to launch an inquiry on Graphene

The terms of reference of the UK Commons Select Committee on Science and Technology  graphene enquiry have just been announced and written evidence can be submitted online here.  I’m particularly pleased to see that it focusses more on learning how to reap the economic benefits of emerging technologies rather than simply apportioning blame.

The inquiry will explore the lessons from Graphene for research and innovation in other areas, as well as the management and commercialisation of Graphene’s intellectual property. Issues include:

  • The research obstacles that have had to be overcome for Graphene, including identifying research priorities and securing research funding, and the lessons from this for other areas of research;
  • The factors which have contributed to the successful development of Graphene and how these might be applied in other areas; including translating research into innovation, managing/sharing intellectual property, securing development funding, and bringing key stakeholders together; and
  • The benefits and disbenefits of the way that Graphene’s intellectual property and commercialisation has been managed, including through research and innovation collaborations, and the lessons from this for other areas.

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