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Prince Charles’ younger brther, Andrew, steered well clear of controversy yesterday, limiting his remarks at NanoTx to a carefully scripted

“Innovation in nanotechnology holds great promise, not only for business but for transforming people’s lives. It would seem that nanotechnology’s potential is limitless.”

Others were not so happy, as the 18 parallel sessions at the conference meant that many keynote speakers were left talking to a handful of delegates. This combined with the disruption caused by delegates rushing around to meet the various princes, governors and Nobel laureates left a number of speakers wondering why they were there.

One furious speaker sent us the snap above from the cemetery round the back of the conference centre, and suggested that this is the way that nanotech in Texas will be heading if there is any repeat of this conference.

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  1. Chris Smith

    You’re right about a number of irritations for conference attendees. There were far, far too many sessions scheduled simultaneously! The Feynman Awards Ceremony was marred by tons of loud talking by the exhibitors who were apparently more focussed on networking with each other. And I also blogged about the embarrassing political grandstanding done by our governor, Rick Perry. Lunch wasn’t included in the bill, nor was there really time during the schedule to eat!

    I’ve definitely attended better-organized conferences.

    However, this was the first time that Texas has hosted such a conference, I believe, so I’m chosing to be a bit forgiving of this first effort, and I give it points for having so much high-profile attention.

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  3. Dexter Johnson

    Dear Chris,

    I suppose if it were indeed the case that this was the first time “Texas” has hosted a conference, or even if this was the first time for particular organization “The Texas Nanotechnology Initiative”, these irriatations might be understandable.

    Unfortunately, such is not the case. A long list of their previous conferences is available for anyone to browse through http://www.texasnano.org/events/pastevents.htm.

    It makes one think that maybe it was not a case of inexperience that caused speakers to addressing three or four people at a time. But you be the judge.

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