A Born Again Scientist

UK Premier Tony Blair is now a “born again” scientist although Rod Liddle in the Sunday Times is less than convinced noting that at some of the PMs favourite schools

They teach evolution in the science classes, because they have to — but one former pupil told me the teacher snapped shut the textbook halfway through a lesson and said: “Well, believe that if you like, but this is what I think . . .” and proceeded to quote at some length from the book of Genesis.

Of course it is as absurd to imagine that any world leader would have much understanding of nanotechnology as it is to imagine that they write their own speeches. The assertion that

The U.K.’s micro and nanotechnology industry has doubled in size from £11 billion in 2003-2004 to £23 billion for the financial year 2005-2006. Today it employs around 23,000 people supporting a further 225,000 who are employed in manufacturing sectors that depend on nanotechnology or microsystems.

is word for word the same line trotted out by MNT Network supremo Hugh Clare a couple of weeks ago, and one which deliberately hides the nano under the micro.

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