A Brave New Nanotech Utopia?

I’m grateful to UFO Digest for the following summary of what nanotech is all about. Unfortunately, it is uncannily, similar the the views of some of those involved with the new singularity university….and of course totally and utterly wrong.

I do wonder how much the Singularians would agree about the post utopian scenario here?

We are on the brink of the next most significant scientific age – the nanotechnology revolution. Imagine a world that is no longer dominated by the persistent search for supplies and energy. Energy derived from the quantum scale, as pervasive and apparently as clean as the force of gravity itself, will be providing power for our needs. Factories and the control of capital forces will be obsolete. Nanobots will be creating whatever article is required for us from the periodic table, on demand and from the waste products of a previous age. Our water and air will be pure, rejuvenated by these same nano-processes that have recycled all the materials that previously fouled our planet. Product life cycles will essentially become almost organic – a virtual homeostasis will ensure that articles never wear out. And when we discard these items from boredom, the constituent elements will be cleverly recycled or used in something else, rather than piling up in toxic landfills. Since there will be no need of a medium of exchange, the need for currency and the propensity to hoard money will vanish from the human consciousness. Wealth and its attendant conspicuous consumption will vanish. We will no longer be referred to as “consumers” for there will be no more “suppliers” to profit from our devouring habits. We will no longer need to own property to pass on to our descendants, since there will be no need to accumulate wealth to survive. Health issues, and problems with genetic deformities will also benefit from this nanoutopian environment – most diseases and congenital problems will have passed from existence. We humans will have nothing to do but to pursue our real purpose in life.

But that is the problem.

Aside from occupying our time with the search for food, clothing and shelter, the majority of us humans seek entertainment, sleep and reproduce. If we suddenly found ourselves no longer distracted by the need to accumulate supplies and gather wood for fires, so to speak, there is not much more to do in the cave than to turn our attention to reproducing.

And that we would do with wild abandon.

The release of free energy and the presence of “machines” which provide us with molecularly assembled goods and services would see the earth blossom in a ‘pink-tide’ – a wave of human population blooming like pine trees in an Alabama spring. World population, already over six billion served, would double in a quarter generation. Normal healthy people just behave this way – it is perfectly natural. Without some kind of natural predation, our species will cover the globe. Energy and nutritional demands, along with disease, have served as constraints for the known history of the planet. Removing these limiting factors will have a natural and predictable outcome.

This is a possible explanation for two unrelated, but connected, topics of discussion. First, there is in some circles, a pervasive expectation that the “Illuminati” intend to reduce world population by about 80% and establish a New World Order, as advertised on the Dollar Bill. Secondly, many people who look into the subject of secrecy regarding the alleged governmental truth embargo on things extraterrestrial demand a release of technology and information that may be of value in human society by reducing suffering from things such as disease and starvation and the lack of affordable energy.

As we stand expectantly on the verge of this nano-revolution, and begin to understand the implication of being able to manipulate the basic elements of matter and life, we begin to see that there is a possibility of a simultaneous deployment of both of these elements of the future. While nanotechnology is a potential clean and environmentally friendly method of supplying human needs, it is also a very handy mechanism for the modification and/or elimination of objectionable life forms (80% of us). Combined with ‘free energy’, the supply of the needed accoutrements of life by nanobots will enable said Illuminati to live without any of us “useless eaters” and will prevent and assuage a gross overpopulation of the planet and its continued degradation.

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