A Lazy, Moribund, Oligopolistic Industry Bereft of the Incentive for Innovation

Following on from my previous post, and addressing the thesis that imitation – not innovation – is woven into the fabric of the 20th century venture economy, Umair Haque at recently penned a nice article at harvardbusiness.org called “Asleep at the Wheel of Creative Destruction

Here’s the question everyone wants to ask:

Q. Why does President Obama have to invest a likely trillion dollars to renew, well, pretty much the entire industrial base of the economy – to seed new auto, energy healthcare, education, finance, and agricultural industries (to name just a few)?

A. Because today’s crop of apathetic, risk-averse venture investors didn’t.

Now that a reliable online plagiarism checker is available for theses/reports/homework, perhaps it’s time to develop one for investment ideas/business plans?

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