A Safe Bet For NanoTox Information

A major headache for anyone trying to understand the toxicology landscape has been the plethora of different sites. mostly academic but with a sprinkling of well intentioned amateurs. The situation has been compounded by the number of other groups desperate to prove that nanotechnology is dangerous and must be regulated, ranged against an assortment of business interests, transhumanists and Star Trek fans who see nanotechnology as vitally important and won’t hear a word against it.

As a result, searching for some accurate toxicology information online was like hunting for a newspaper article in a landfill site, but a new UK project, Safenano, may prove a good first port of call for nanotoxicology.

The site is very web2.0, with flocks of tag clouds, discussion forums and RSS feeds,  but has a nice and growing collection of  toxicology information which is all serachable by keyword. More significantly, it is a site about toxicology run by toxicologists, so it may provide a way for non specialists to keep an eye on the science rather than being fobbed off with speculation.

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  1. The UK has done it again, the sovereign requirement of discovery and development in the public interest is alive and well. We, the Camp One crew first became involved with Nano in a big way with the EPSRC ‘Sandpit’ held in January 2007. since then, it is a topic which has dominated a larger proportion of the discussion on th floor each day.

    Anything which constructively advances the literacy in this field is, form our view, a good thing.

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