Africa, here we come!

We’ve been running the World Nano-Economic Congress (WNEC) series of events continuously since 2003 all around the world: Washington DC, London, Dublin, Singapore, and Mumbai. Developed by my colleague Dexter Johnson who also runs our VIP Events for corporate clients, this has established the WNEC event as the only truly global nanotechnology conference.

Now we are adding a new continent to our list: Africa. The WNEC will hold its first African continent event in Pretoria, South Africa: The World Nano-Economic Congress South Africa.

The reason for bringing the WNEC to South Africa is the same as the reasons why we ran successful events in Dublin, Singapore and Mumbai: South Africa is quickly developing into one of the fastest growing nanotechnology hubs in the world. This rapid development is fueled in part by last year’s launching of the South African National Nanotechnology Strategy, which earmarked R450 million ($61.6 million) to be spent on infrastructure and research over the next three years (Cientifica has partnered with the Department of Science and Technology of South Africa and CSIR to run the event).

But it is also based on South Africa’s industrial base of mining, textiles, and chemicals all of which have something to gain from employing nanotechnology and many of the major tool companies, such as FEI, have set up offices in the country to support this new growth.

If nanotechnology is going to have an impact in Africa, it will start in South Africa. If you want to be a part of that movement, attending the WNEC South Africa would be a very good place to start.

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