And More New Year Cheer For Nanosight

The New Year begins with some good news, that Nanosight has sold its 250th instrument and become profitable, which also illustrates how hard it is to get a company profitable outside the small world of social networking.

Getting the Nanosight instrument to  market required balancing the competing interests of the scientists, the engineers and the management, which is not always an easy task in the early stages of any company. Nanosight were fortunate in having a top flight scientist, Bob Carr on board, and we had a vastly experienced Chairman, John Knowles, who navigated various minefields of intellectual property and investors with aplomb.

As the product was nearing completion, a great CEO, Jeremy Warren, found us, and it was that combination of science, vision and execution that got the instrument to market and the company to profitability. As with all great companies, success is more about the people than the technology.

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