Another Boring Swiss Risk Report

There must be something in the water in Switzerland this year. Hot on the heels of the International Risk Governance Council‘s rather pointless report comes another missive from TA-Swiss (Schweizerische Akademie der Technischen Wissenschaften) looking at nanofood.

The TA-SWISS study concludes that people with certain “nutritional styles” could actually be open minded about food containing additives produced by nanotechnology. Even more so if we assume that nanofoods might be easier to manage and/or could have added health benefits. In developing countries, such additives could help to combat malnutrition; for example, by fortifying basic foods with iron, zinc, vitamin A or folic acid. It must, however, be taken into account that such products must also be affordable and accessible to the demographic groups that need them.

I’m not sure whether to yawn or gnash my teeth at this point – doing both might result in another trip to the dentist so I’ll just curse softly.  Why do people waste time putting out this kind of tedious, derivative and inconclusive research? Is the credit crunch already affecting the supply of scientific insight and creativity?

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