Apple To Make Billions From Nanotech?

Every advance in memory these days seems to be benchmarked against an iPod. Techradar announces that the development of a racetrack memory by some “Glaswegian Nanotech Boffins” could allow an iPod to store millions of songs.

At 79 pence a song that must be good news for Apple!

Joking aside, this kind of thinking is as linear as  stories six years ago which related advances in storage to the size of computer hard drives. In fact it was the greaster storage density of hard drives that enabled the iPod in the first place. Rather than wax lyrical about creating a device that would be of little practical use, being surely superseded before the five and three quarter years worth of music it holds could have been played, the real question is what else would cheap mass storage enable?

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  1. Once people start collecting HD videos instead of music tracks, Terabytes will start feeling pokey. Junk expands to fill the space available.
    2nd thought… how many years will backups take?

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