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A Nanosilver Enhanced Pet Toilet

Today’s Economist picks up on the nanosilver regulation story with it a rather skeptical tone.

The comments about health scams and quack cures do, however, ring true. It is hard to believe that there is anyone who is so worried about their washing becoming a writhing festering bacteria ridden mass that they have to dash out and buy a nanosilver washing machine.

An analysis of companies involved in nanotech always shows the divide between those attempting to push technology onto an unwilling market, usually those who can produce a material but are still looking for a market, and those whose technology is serving a real market need. Most applications of silver fall firmly into the former category.

As a result of the EPA ruling, large players such as Smith and Nephew and Samsung should be able to prove the long term safety of their products. What this may help prevent is the huge number of companies making wild claims for products such as food containers, dishtowel driers, frying pans, soap, shampoo, icepacks, pet toilets, and electric toilet seats.

If you want to make your own products you can also obtain nanosilver nylon whose manufacturers claim

Nano silver Nylon textile fiber has the ultra strong sterilization, the antibacterial effect, can extinguish in the short time eliminates the germ, sterilization rate reaches as high as 99.99% and effectively eliminates the fetid ordor, stops itching and prevents the athletic foot.
The cross shape of NYLON silver textile fiber has the siphonic effect that absorbed the moisture and release of perspiration, the ventilation softly, may often guarantee the foot dry and neat. It has strong effect and is easy prevented the foot to perspire, the serious foot smell. It may continuously put on by way of actual test 30 day but not to be come stale
The persistent effect antibacterial effect, effectiveness always, has the moisture absorption, the release of perspiration by siphonic effect, deodorizes and the antibacterial permanent effect. It does not lose its effects after the laundering. After 50 times of actual laundering, antibacterial effect does not reduce.
The steady release anion and the far infrared ray energy, continues to massage the blood circulation system of foot bottom, the increase vitality circulation, the promotion metabolism, effectively reduces the weary feeling, the purification blood, the improvement physique, may adjust the autonomy nerve, causes the cell to activate, the enhancement resistively, often guarantees the bodily comfortable health.
Best use by those who….

Suffer from foot perspiration, itch and odor
Are white collar people, athletes, and mountain climbers
Are cold in hands and feet and suffer from insomnia
Have foot disease such as athletic foot, chilblain, tinea, and injured foot
Have foot disease such as athletic foot, chilblain, tinea, and injured foot
Have to take long flight or standing
Suffer from back pain or bad blood circulation
Have long working hour and do not have time to wash the clothes
After reading above description, are you still hesitate to adopt this material?
You could search “Nano Silver” online and they might give you a better picture and explanation.
It is a good material not only for applying in your boots but also socks and clothing.
We do believe we can help you to supply better product and make some money.

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