Better Growth, Better Climate, Better Innovate!

The New Climate Energy Report “Better Growth, Better Climate” from The Global Commission On The Economy And Climate was released today, with the encouraging conclusion that through technological innovation and global coordination we can support nine billion people without triggering catastrophic climate change – maybe.

It was of immediate interest as I’m in the middle of a series of calculation on energy savings and CO2 emissions calculations for G-Heat so updated data is always useful. We’re still at a draft stage and the spreadsheets still have to be triple checked, but the energy savings projected by G-Heat’s graphene thin film comfort technology equate to 80-80 million tonnes of CO2 being lopped of the UK’s emissions if we replaced all heating which is rather unlikely.

On the other hand it looks like a saving of £600-800 on the average energy bill is possible for individual homes, which is pretty compelling stuff and gives a very quick payback.


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