Biophan Has a Brainstorm?

We seem to be bombarded almost daily by press releases from Biophan covering everything from their plans for the future to the CFO’s bowel movements (well, fortunately not quite). Since the onslaught began on August 11th we have received 14 releases though Business Wire (sometimes twice a day) and the companies stock price has plummeted by almost 20%.

Whether the media onslaught is shoring up or contributing to the decline in valuation we have no idea, but the volume of releases must be getting dangerously close to triggering our junk mail filters.

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  2. I am a share holder of Biophan. I am impressed with their ideas and cannot understand why nothing is happening with the information that they have come up with. If the information that is being put out with the press releases is true, why are there not companies that manufactures and makes available these idea not clamering to get a foothold on the enormous opportunities they present ?

  3. Biophan held talks with many manufactures. For the manufacturers the market won´t get bigger with biophans technology. The market ist the same. So why hurry to pay biophan. I believe the technology will come to market but I don´t believe that one manufacturer will get the technology exclusiv. For Biophan it will be better to sell to all of them on an nonexclusiv basis. But in this case the manufacturers will have time till an other manufacturer pays for the technology. I think this for the negotiations are still ongoing.

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