Blogging the Nanoworld

With Howard Lovy’s Nanobot being closed down by his new employers for fear of further antagonizing non Kabbalists, molecular nano skeptics and the entire population of China we felt it was time to round up a few of the blogs that currently catch our eye.

Regular readers will be aware of CRNs “Responsible Nanotechnology” blog which devotes tremendous energy to considering the consequences of things yet to be invented and Richard Jones’ Soft Machines which eruditely and patiently explains how these ideas may, or in many cases, may not come to pass.

Molecular Torch takes a more academic viewpoint, but has some worthwhile insight as well as just news, whike fellow academic David Berube runs “Nanotechnology Implications and Interactions” and manages to be both rude and humorous while claimimng to have ” a few contacts in the world of nanotechnology.”

Nanotech Stocks manages to combine some (in our humble opinion) over detailed analyses of the Merrill Lynch Nanotech Index with molecular manufacturing while NanoGuru’s “Defense and National Security Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies” looks at just that, well sometimes.

Currently most intriguing is the Iranian Nanotechnology Initiative RSS feed. Our Farsi is a little rusty, but we did spot Quantum Sphere in there somewhere.

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