Nanotech Doesn’t Have To Be Boring


I just spent a less than entertaining 30 seconds playing with the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research’s new coma inducing “interactive tour into the worlds of the micro- and nano-cosmos.” It is all very nicely done, but so tedious, pointless and looks to have been designed around 2002 when fancy flash based web sites were all the rage.

If you want to put kids off science for good, then this is exactly the right way to go about it, with hard to navigate strange coloured animations peppered with random facts which add nothing to the users understanding. It looks good at first glance but after 30 seconds your head starts nodding. There may be some good interesting stuff in there, there may even be something that is relevant to nanotech, but I doubt whether anyone will ever get that far. I even found myself thinking about sloping off to do something more entertaining, like VAT returns and expenses by the time I got down to the level of the cell.

For a crash course in how to make science fun and entertaining take a look at our work with Playgen, or if you want something less interactive the NSF funded When Things Get Small is still hard to beat for combining information with entertainment.

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