Chinese Entrepreneur Dares to Lead

London, UK – 29 August 2019: A Chinese entrepreneur and her British

Hailing Yu addresses the Dare to Lead crew at the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, St Katherine’s Dock, London.
Photography by Jason Bye

‘rocket scientist’ husband are embarking on a unique global campaign to build stronger cultural partnerships and commercial opportunities between Europe and China.

于海玲 Hailing Yu and Tim Harper have a unique combination of skills and experiences in both Europe and China working in new technology markets. They are aware of the potential cultural misunderstandings that can occur and support Chinese hi-tech companies to develop European collaborations.

This week marks the launch of their team in the famous Clipper Round the World Yacht Race which leaves London this Sunday 1 September 2019 bound for three Chinese ports of call in an 11-month, 40,000 nautical mile circumnavigation of the planet.

The team is not named after a company, city or country, but a concept: Dare to Lead! It is based on an ethos of multicultural teamwork, determination and leadership and its international crew consists of amateur sailors from all walks of life, ages and occupations.

You can read more on the Dare to Lead site. and follow the progress of Dare to Lead around the globe on the Clipper Race Tracker.

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