Choosing The Lesser of Myriad Evils

Further to my earlier post on the latest NanoToxScare story, the Daily Telegraph has helpfully published a list of products that contain nanoparticles which neatly illustrates the need for risk assessment as it includes beer, aeroplanes and tennis rackets, all of which involve other risks than those posed by a few nanoparticles (and that’s before we start thinking about possible exposure mechanisms).

Examples of products that contain nanoparticles:
Wound dressings
Food packaging
Anti-ageing creams
Self-cleaning glass used on St Pancras Station roof
Tennis rackets
Razor blades
Medical tools
Food supplements

The issue is especially relevant to sunscreens, where we are effectively trading one set of risks such as DNA damage from PBSA which is also used as a UV filter for another, while not using any protection poses an even greater risk.

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