Coffee, Petit Fours and Smashing Things to Atoms

After a start at the 2011 Malvern Festival of Innovation my alternative career as an after dinner speaker is blooming this year. Rather than trotting out statistics about nanotechnology, entrepreneurship or discussing the innovation gap which I do in the day job, the after dinner circuit likes something a bit more entertaining. Fortunately I have plenty of material including

  • Landing things on comets and missing Mars by a million miles
  • What happens to a laboratory when you forget about the red fuming nitric acid you are warming and go for lunch
  • The technologies shaping our future and what it might really look like
  • The daftest questions I’ve been asked by investors and of course
  • My journey from DJing to Graphene

I’ve noticed quite a bit of variation in what audiences like best. Americans love stories of personal triumph in the face of overwhelming odds, Germans love technology and for some reason the British love stories about cocking things up and smashing things to atoms – hence the enduring popularity of Top Gear.

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