Communicating Nanobiotech

Biotech is a tricky enough subject top communicate to non specialists, and adding the nano prefix makes it even more impenetrable to the layman, but don’t worry, help is at hand.

Any nanobiotechnologists with aspirations to become technology spin doctors or needing to be able to sound authoritative when discussing the social and ethical implications of their work can brush up their public communication skills can sign up for a five day (hey, no one said this would be easy!) course to next March.

Funded by the EU’s NanoBioRaise network (RAISE is Responsible Action on Issues in Society and Ethics) the course features toxicology, development issues, and communications skills. While it may not assuage public mistrust of technology , at least participants will be able to give a decent account of what research they are doing and why. More details are available in a 1Mb pdf brochure here.

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