Construction Industry Fails To Be Impressed By Nanotech

A new report from Nanoforum looks at the use, or rather the lack of use of nanotechnologies in the construction industry (remember the smog eating bricks, solar coatings, and carbon nanotubes replacing steel?). It would have been nice if the authors had included a few of the applications that are being actually being used in construction (Cabot’s Nanogel is one obvious omission) rather than pages of rather irrelevant facts and figures about global steel production and how a SEM works, but perhaps the report needed a bit of padding due to the “the relatively small number of practical applications.”

The rather grumpy conclusion (perhaps based in the fact that a survey of the global 5 trillion dollar construction industry only elicited 20 responses – with half coming from from academics – clearly indicating that the construction industry has better things to do than answer silly questions about things it doesn’t understand) is that

” If construction continues to ignore nanotechnology it will be the one left paying a fortune for a last minute ticket it could have had for a song if it had acted earlier”

It should comes as no surprise, the global construction industry is booming and driving up prices all down the value chain. Most construction magnates are too busy with acquisitions and playing with their football teams to worry about nanotech, but at least now they have been warned.

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