Deliberating Dilemmas

Perhaps the weekend trip to Paris left me in a more philosophical mood, but I’ll be spending this weekend at an Experimental Deliberative Forum in Harrogate. Led by the Universities of Durham and Coimbra, the DEEPEN project “seeks to implement forms of collaborative design of new spaces of ethical deliberation where citizens, stakeholders, experts and decision?makers can meet, debate and deliberate on the dilemmas posed by emerging nanotechnologies.”

What this means in practice is that I’ll be spending some twenty four hours with a cross section of people trying to figure out what nanotechnologies mean for me, you and the rest of the worlds (hopefully).  Hopefully over the course of the debate I’ll learn more about how other people see my chosen field, and hopefully slay a few myths on their side. Just how our opinions change, and what conclusions we reach will be documented by the project and filmed with the aim of producing a short video of our deliberations.

Networs and time permitting, I’ll be tweeting a few of the key findings here.

Sensibly, the event begins with some drinks….

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