Delivering A Northern Technology Powerhouse

I posted recently on the N8 Universities and their lack of entrepreneurial spin out activity.

This reiterated by todays Northern Powerhouse Partnership First Report which point out that “The North also currently loses around 30,000 people with graduate level skills every year as students choose to leave the city in which they have studied after their course finishes.”

The report also calls for “Science Institutes, supported by industrial and academic partners, provide an opportunity for the UK to stay ahead in vital areas of research and innovation to ensure growth in both the regional and national economy” and for the region to “be the easiest and best place in Europe to start-up, develop and grow a high productivity business and have start-up and productivity at least equivalent to the UK average.”

However for the North to become a “world leading region” in technology, we need to stimulate the creation of new science based ventures. The £400m Northern PowerHouse Investment Fund might go some way to addressing this, but it will require a shift in attitude by Northern universities for this to happen.

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