Driving Adoption of Electric Vehicles

The BeeAnywhere

Like an increasing number of people I’ve been pondering the idea of an electric vehicle for the past few years and then backing off when I see the range and the price. 

As an entrepreneur there’s nothing like finding a problem to solve, and in this case it was how to make EVs cheaper. The outcome was the BeeAnywhere which we aim to bring to market for the price of a middle aged Volkswagen Golf, the average car that people buy, rather than at a premium over a standard new car. 

The reason is simple, air pollution. If you want to make a difference you need mass adoption of electric vehicles in urban areas,  and the biggest barrier to that is cost. The only way to get around that and end up with a car rather than a golf cart or a moped with a roof was to design the vehicle from the ground up, making use of everything we have learned from twenty years in motorsport and advanced materials. 

I might be biased, but I quite like the end result. I won’t use one for packing the family, bikes and fishing gear for a week in Orkney, but its perfect for around town. 

A few other people quite like it too. 

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