Ebola in the Kitchen

Nanotechnology.com, currently undergoing something of a relaunch as “The International Network of Small Technology”, has a new white paper available entitled “10 Ways Nanotechnology Could Save Your Life.”

The $9.95 report (or free if you click on the link) caught our eye for the claim is that “Countertops, tables, and other surfaces can be contaminated by many killer pathogens: e. coli, salmonella, the “bird flu” virus, and the ebola virus, to name just a few.”

While we fortunately have yet to encounter an outbreak of Ebola or Bird Flu in the Cientifica kitchens, it leaves us wondering whether the authors who advocate the application of ” nanoparticles of nanoscale aluminum or silver embedded in the thinnest possible plastic layer” have ever encountered the more traditional methods of disease control such as hot soapy water, bleach and disinfectant?

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