Even in Uncertain Times Good Companies Can Still Attract Capital

As the financial crisis swirls around the world I’m seeing an increasing number of nanotech companies running increasingly short of cash as investors pull in their horns. It’s a good opportunity for cash rich companies to make acquisitions, something that is keeping me in the air this month, and any company that raises an equity round must be something a bit special, which brings me to this recent news from Nanosight.

Salisbury, November 2008 – NanoSight Limited, the nanoparticle characterization company, is excited to announce the completion of a new round of financing which will provide £920,000 to enable the company to expand the business with the development of new products and sales channels in the US market.

NanoSight has just closed almost £1m of investment finance in a month that has seen unprecedented financial turmoil worldwide. Having been close to breakeven for the first half of 2008, hitting sales targets and with margins better than anticipated, it was clear to the company that growth was limited by resource but not by market opportunity. Having successfully weathered the start-up process during the past four years, NanoSight can become more robust with investment in personnel, technical support and development of the underlying technology.

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