First Contact With Nanotech Needs Sizzle?

Something was troubling me as I drove home from yesterdays Nanotechnology Innovations for High Performance Motorsport 2010 meeting, and it took me until this morning to put my finger on the niggle.

While we often criticise those who over hype nanotechnology, trillion dollar markets, space elevators, curing cancer etc, many scientists are perhaps guilty of being over pragmatic about nanotech, and provide a similar, if rather smaller disservice to the field. OK, I know that is impossible to find the right balance, ever, and we wouldn’t expect organisations like the National Physical Laboratory to over hype anything,but I wondered how many of the motorsport industry delegates, just having had their first encounter with nanotechnology, went home feeling that it wasn’t an area which they needed to look at again.

Perhaps it is just the nature of any emerging technology to be both over and undersold by various communities, but for any group encountering a technology for the first time, we have to find a bit of sizzle to keep the their interest.

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