Frankfurter Nano

I spent an interesting day at the second Hessen Nanoforum in Hanau, Germany (just outside Frankfurt if you are not familiar) followed by a rather less interesting day at Frankfurt airport due to fog and wind in Madrid causing an eight hour delay to my Iberia flight.

All of the participants except two were from Germany, so I had to dust off the German I learned at school in Meinerzhagen and pay attention. Two things were apparent at this event. Firstly that the state of Hessen is very strongly supporting nanotechnologies, and secondly there has been little impact on industry so far. Hessen is doing everything right at the academic level, with networks and conferences like this with four hundred attendees, but most of the fifty exhibitors were either academic institutions or companies wanting to sell tools to academic institutions, with few companies actually applying nanotechnology to anything.

Perhaps the oddest company was Neosino who extol the health benefits of ingesting, inhaling and being massaged with 3-10nm silica particles and even claim to be the official supplier (of nanoparticles?) to FC Bayern Munich. I didn’t notice them during the talks on toxicology and risk.

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