From Qinetiq to Intrinsiq Via Brownian Dithering

Finally, someone decided what to do with UK nanotech stalwart Qinetiq Nanomaterials. The new big idea is to change its name to Intrinsiq Materials and rebrand it as a company operating in the hitherto unheard of “Clean Tech and Wellness sector.”

After years operating on the edge of UK defence giant Qintetiq, the parent company has finally decided to pop in another five million pounds through Cody Gate Venture and appoint a new CEO who bears a startling resemblance to the one that they let go 18 months ago, something that seems to have been omitted from the rebuffed CV.

While all the rebranding of nanotech as Cleantech is fun to watch, is this the first company to actually change its name to remove the word ‘nano’?

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