G2O – Low Cost Graphene Water Treatment

One of the other projects I revealed at least weeks conference was a new company called G2O Water.

G2O uses graphene membranes that gives a unique combination of high flux rates (100 to 1000 times greater than current membranes) with low fouling and the ability to repair membranes in situ. The membranes can recover from fouling without the need for chemicals and the pore sizes can be tuned to specific applications such as water desalination, oil/water separation, storm water treatment and industrial waste water recovery.

So far so good, but haven’t we heard all of that stuff about graphene and water before?

While there have been a variety of uses postulated for graphene in water treatment, most of them involve taking a sheet of single atom thick material and poking holes in it. What attracted me to this particular business was the simplicity, and simple is always good when it comes to mass production. When I asked my usual ‘show me how to make it’ question they whipped up a sample in a few minutes.

Rather than creating a new membrane, G2O add a coating to existing membranes which simultaneously removes the need to reinvent anything while placing the business near the top of the value chain.

When I see a technology that solves a real problem, water, in a cheap and simple way, there’s a decent business in there. And an increasing number of our customers agree.

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