Getting Graphene to Market – A Rational Assessment Slides from the London Materials Society Talk

Slides from last weeks talk at the London Materials Society are available here,  [ddownload id=”8642″ style=”link” text=”click to download”]

While it is hard to convey the full meaning of the talk simply by publishing the slides I use as backgrounds to give people something to look at instead of me,  the general theme of the talk was that

  • Graphene is a very interesting and potentially useful material;
  • The number of companies producing various forms of it are exploding;
  • There are a wide variety of materials known as all claiming to be graphene;
  • And an equally wide number of business models for its exploitation;
  • Most importantly that we have seen the hype surrounding other emerging technologies, notably carbon nanotubes and buckyballs, and we should use lessons from the past to temper our enthusiasm and make sure we identify some unmet need before we get too deep into the technology.
  • We are seeing sensible and tangible commercial products emerging.

Perhaps the most fun part of these events, certainly from my perspective, is the after talk discussions over a glass or two of wine. Invariably someone will come up with a few potential applications that I could never have thought of myself, and one of them may be quite an exciting opportunity.

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