Google Challenged EU Consortia Rediscover Concept Of Technology Push vs Market Pull

Every now and then a bit of news comes along which makes you want to bury your head in your hands and scream. For the past month most of that kind of news has been emanating from Europe, and today is no exception.

Not one, but two EU funded programs have come to the independent conclusion that for nanotechnology based businesses to succeed, they should concentrate on solving a customers problem rather than pushing a technology, and celebrated by issuing a press release  which concludes incoherently that “Communication, coherently, should emphasize the added value rather than innovation per se.”

The depressing thing is that it took 26 consortium partners three years and several million euros to come up with something so blindingly obvious, as a two minute call to any investor or business school professor would have revealed. Whatever next, an even bigger project to investigate why it’s lighter during the day than at night?



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