Is Graphene Over- or Underhyped?

A rash of recent market estimates towards the end of last year put the international market for a graphene in the range of a few hundred million dollars. Now that’s pretty much the same amount as has been raised by or invested in graphene producers around the world investing $150 million to unlock a market worth $150 million doesn’t seem to make very much sense. So either graphene producers are wrong or the people doing the market estimates are wrong. Which is it?

Talking to graphene producers and analysts they seem to have differing views but all for very good reasons. Once I have sorted through the arguments I’ll let you know at AZoNano.

In the meantime, tell me what you think?

Update – 16th Jan

Preparing the article for publication I had conversations with a number of senior management in graphene producing companies and market analysts. The indication is that there is a lot of unexplored potential although unlocking it may be tricky. The conclusion from the data so far is that the market is potentially far larger than the headline numbers suggest, but that simply producing graphene puts producers at the bottom of the value chain doesn’t unlock any of the additional value that is there for the taking.

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