Green Nanotech or Green Nanobots?

A little more detail on Green Nanotechnology emerged as a result of a recent meeting at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, although we are still hard pressed to see much difference between this and green chemistry.

Meanwhile, we were grateful for this definition of nanotechnology which is worth reproducing in its entirety.

what is nanotechnology? nanotechnology was first introduced in 1959, in a conventional- sized robot arms to construct a replica of themself,but one-tenth the original size, then using that nrw set of arms to manufacture an even smoller set, and so on, until the molecular scale is reached. what arenanorobots? nano robots are theoretical macroscopic devices measured on the scale of nanometers (inm equals one millionth of a millimeter) . when fully realized from the hypothetical stage, they would work at the atomic, molecular and cellular level to perform task in both the medical and industrial fields that have here to fore been the stuff of scince fiction.

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