Help! My Computer Is A Nanobot!

The folks at the Woodrow Wilson nanotech project have been busy, and come up with what they call a ‘conservative’ inventory of nanotech products. The Washington Post was less than impressed, and we can only assume that conservative has a different meaning in Washington these days.

A quick browse surprised us in two ways – by both what was in, and what wasn’t

Odd inclusions included the Apple Mac G5 that TNTlog is produced on, though wothoiut specifying which component, from the screen to the processor is ‘nano’, and Natural Nano’s recently annouced but as yet unavilable RF Shielding Paint. Anything produced by anybody using a less than 90nm semiconductor process also seems to be in.

Notable omissions included, well, anything where information was not available in English.

All in all, it’s a resonably good list, and a bit of harmless, if somewhat meaningless fun, and currently somewhat shorter than a list of products involving chemistry would be.

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