Here Comes India

Small Times carries an overview of Indian nanotechnologies.

We were amused to see reports of private equity companies bemoaning the lack of, er, private equity – ‘physician, heal thyself’ is the phrase that springs to mind, although along with our Mumbai partners Yash Nanotech we are always happy to receive sensible nano related business plans in the $0.5 to 5 million range.

The report only glances the tip of a particularly large iceberg. This year India will produce five times as many English speaking engineering graduates as the Unites States, and while costs may be substantially lower, scalability is a major attraction, as the IT industry found in the run up to Y2k.

Talking of which, Cientifica currently has four open vacancies in the fast growing Mumbai office, so if you want to work with us, track down Jyothi Chowti at YashNanotech and tell her why.

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