How To Save The Planet And Get Rich

There’s probably no better way to enrage the proponents of precautionary principals than proposing using geoengineering to make obscene amounts of money by working the carbon credits system.

One one hand John Holdren, the chief scientific adviser to US president Barack Obama, said about geoengineering: “It’s got to be looked at . . . We don’t have the luxury of ruling [out] any approach” while others take a more cautious approach urging that “scientists must beware of tinkering with a system you do not fully understand,” a philosophy which simultaneously rules out both using a computer and all medical research since Paracelsus.

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  1. Ruth Seeley

    If one doesn’t maintain a certain healthy skepticism regarding engineers’ proposals in general one is abdicating one’s claim to intelligence, I believe. I have never encountered another group of professionals with the audacity to modify mechanical construction blueprints without either getting clearance or recording the modifications they were making, something I’m sure shouldn’t be legal if it actually is. And yes, I know your background is in engineering. I prefer to think you’re one of the few enlightened ones though. 🙂 But your point re computers and medical research is well taken. It sort of applies to driving as well, no? Although I confess the only ‘modifications’ I make to my car are adding things like gas, oil, and all those other mysterious fluids it seems to require. You know, windshield wiper fluid and the like. 😉

    1. Post

      Agreed. I think my point was twofold.

      Firstly that science is all about dealing with things we don’t fully understand- otherwise we wouldn’t need science. A more serious issue is the blithe dismissal of technology by people who also cannot live without it. The irony of someone tweeting about how we should live more simply is always a source of wonder and amusement to me

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